The Real Ugwu Story

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Musings, Short Stories

I loved heR first you see.

Way before any of them even knew heR. I didn’t know it then, didn’t even understand the concept of love at that age, I’m not sure I fully grasp it now but I know this to be true.

I first met heR when I was ten.

A lost & lonely little boy. I met heR in my english class, I wasn’t even paying attention but the minute I saw heR I was hooked. Totally. Irreversibly. Undeniably. Hooked.

That was how this love affair began. It was innocent, it was deep, it was beautiful. ShE was the first person who took me seriously, the first to truly understand me. ShE was always there, even when I shut everyone else out. ShE loved me & I heR. I never told heR but I’m sure shE knew….even then.

We were soon parted, I went off to university and even though I tried to stay in touch we grew apart in time. I stopped writing, I lost heR. I didn’t even notice that shE was gone. That shE had walked out of my life completely, left without a trace.

I found her again back in 2010 I think; on blogsville of all places, while scrolling through some dude’s blogposts, Kelvin’s blog. We reconnected once more. Slowly at first, unsure if would last this time. So many words I couldn’t say, should have said but didn’t.

You see slim & I have always jumped in & out of each others lives. This time was different though, this time we were actually friends, confidants, mutual shrinks. She encouraged me to start writing again. Reminded me how good it felt to weave stories out of nothing and create something beautiful. She stoked the burning flames of passion in me till they consumed me.

I’m not here to explain to you why I love heR, or that I knew before others so I should have sole rights to heR heart. A lot of people fell in love with heR before me. I’m not even going to tell you about all the wonderful things we do together. Yes shE’s unfaithful, sharing heR gifts like Mrs. Santa Claus, giving it up for small doses of attention, but I don’t care.

I’m not jealous, I can share. I’ll never stop loving heR though, no matter what. So say what you like. Put all her lovers in a box and call us talent-less fools. I don’t care, nobody loves heR like I do. I’ll never leave her, not for a day.

I love wRiting.


(If you clicked on the link on KWAL’s blog then this little note is for you)

HAHAHA HEEEEDIOTS!!! Shey u wanted ‘inside scoop’ ni? Unfortunate perzins like u (Oloriburuku n’iyen). May your friends never sell you out for cheap publicity in Jesus name.

This post is dedicated to slim & kelvin. I love you guys but I’m tired of seeing your love life trending on twitter. 😛 Thanks for getting me to write again and introducing to other fascinating writers on blogsville. WordPress rocks yo!!!

FreshPrinz Out.

  1. isetfiretotherain says:

    hiaaaan! inukwa ugwu story!

    nicely woven, but if you hadn’t added this line—>” I stopped writing, I lost heR. I didn’t even notice that shE was gone. That shE had walked out of my life completely, left without a trace.” it would have helped the suspense. At that point I immediately knew what you were on about.

  2. nugwa says:

    Now awaiting the trolls, henemies and voltrons… mark my words, this will become twitter gist… Kev and ada, I don talk my own, live your life. Its no one elses bizniss… @FPV, nice one bro…

  3. SlevinCalevra says:

    You didn’t have to do these guys, now we won’t rest on twitter again! 😦

  4. Andhiii says:

    *Tsk tsk tsk*

  5. thatifygirl says:

    Emmm…. OK. Cool story.

  6. BoukkieO says:

    Hehehe…welcome back, Vic.

  7. BoukkieO says:

    Hehehe… Welcome back, Vic.

  8. coolprincee says:

    Hahaha…nice 1 dudez

    *:-D @ d punk’d™ camera*
    “ok ok…u got me”

  9. awizii says:

    I’m not going to judge you man, but seriously, you guys just like drama. Let the gist die, simple. Don’t even know whether to say it’s funny or not. Oh well, just do you.

  10. Slim says:



    I tire for una. Victor…smh.

  11. leonmacedon says:

    Wil get a frontrow sit to see how tis plays on twitter… Good write up BTW

  12. keLvin says:

    *peeps head* is it over yet? Coast clear?

  13. TheRealTruth says:


  14. TheRealTruth says:

    you fools make me laugh. so you’re still displaying your stupidity on blogsville, shamelessly seeking attention all over the place like a bunch of horny sluts. Well, allow me to help your stupid cause.

    Why the fuck didn’t u say anything about the real third wheel in this story. The dude who slim left you for. The nigga who screwed you virgin whore. Talking smack, writing posts and shit all day long but you never hit that. Fucking bloggers, all you do is talk.

    Well talk now. I fucking dare you.

  15. Weirdisnottheword (@no_Deemples) says:

    @TheRealTruth EWELEMOOOO! All this oyinbo ontop analysing anoda man’s love palava. Na wa o! U sha added salt to d Ugwu dat was cooking *walks out*

  16. MichDeji says:

    Hediot ni bobo toh ko post yi mehn

  17. MizB says:

    Nna mehn,I gotta build house 4 ds blogville o. Story go dey pass me by wt ds visit visit.
    Dang!I dnt understand y u’v gotta take p at ppl’s decision to keep d ‘true’ details of their relationship to demselves, xcuse how itz bn superficially sensationalized on twitter (‘m guessing ere as I aint on twitter bt if u’r ere to seek details,’d like 2 believe I av d right of it). Is it ur business?! wanna read about love story gone sour pick a Danielle Steele novel.(Shoot!dose stories change at d end..hmmmm..pschew,wu cares?!u get m’point).or rather check ur ‘lack of 1′?(babe!no more jabs). Up n down of ds story is, itz their lives. They wanna make a story of it? Leave ’em. They wanna keep it btwn ’emselves? Whatz ur business again?!u shld get a life sef if u’r actually continously swtching from ‘twitter’ to ‘blogsville’ to catch all d juicy details. Let the writers write what dey want so we veteran readers can read.
    But I digress! Itz bn fun reading. Interesting story (whether true or not). Cracked up big tym at d ‘footnote?’..*just scrolled back,re-read n lmao now*.
    Do I get zobo for ds?..oh shewt!I aint on dt blog. Oh well..

  18. MizB says:

    N of cos,to dose switching pages cos …heck!we met amebo in ds world n r totally for it,abeg go on sohun. it is ‘reading’ afterall 😉

  19. thepussyfreak says:


  20. Question: WHo in the world is Slim? The post almost makes no sense – no offence.

  21. obi_jay says:

    😐 …this is fucking fuckery!

  22. SlimMariam says:

    oloriburuku bawo??? *rme*

  23. Myne Whitman says:

    OK I be tatafo, but still, pschewww…….


  24. chillysauce says:

    @ceejay slim is a baby slut… hasn’t learnt to charge dem yet… she needs odina

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